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For compound moves and improved operator
versatility on the dolly.

For the tabletop, the process trailer, the beach.

Mounted on a crane arm or laying across
apple boxes.

For making moves where setting track and dolly
can be difficult and time consuming.



The E-SLIDE camera slider is a state of the art tool for motion
picture.  Precision linear bearings on case hardened steel rails
make for smooth, effortless travel.  The custom machining of the
base and rail supports give the E-SLIDE incomparable rigidity
and consistency.

The E-SLIDE comes in 3,4 and 6 foot lengths.  It mounts to any
Mitchell base by way of a sealed bearing pan assembly that can
be mounted in center or offset positions.  The pan assembly can
also be removed, providing a rigging friendly base that is also
speedrail compatible.  

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